How to fix and repair damaged roof shingles

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Sometimes it is possible to avoid heavy expenditure on roof replacement by performing certain fixing jobs in time. These jobs are easy and can be handled easily by you. The.. read more


Applying tiles to metal surfaces

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Metal surfaces have a longer life as compared to wood or asphalt which makes them a preferable choice for home owners. However, metal roofs do not appear aesthetically as god.. read more


The expected cost of replacing your old roof

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The cost of replacing your roof varies vastly depending upon many factors such as the type of roofing material, roof slope, pitch, jutting windows, chimneys, skylights etc. The cost changes.. read more

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Roof replacement: FAQs

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When it comes to taking a major decision involving hug capital expenditure such as roof replacement, certain questions arise in mind. If you are a house owner facing any such.. read more


A comparison of different roofing materials

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When it comes to major decisions such as replacing the roof, you need to consider all your options before taking any final decision. First step is to decide upon the.. read more

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Ladder can prove to be extremely dangers while cleaning your roof

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What is your immediate response when you see black streaks on your roof? Usually the people get shocked because they have been un aware of the ugly growth that had.. read more


Technologies involved in roof inspection

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Experts recommend that in the areas with extreme weather conditions the roof should be inspected twice, once before the beginning of the severe weather conditions and once after the period.. read more

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Risk involved in repairing the roof yourself

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Considering the fact that maintaining and repairing the roof involves cost, some home owners try to repair the roof themselves in order to avoid the expenditure. The attempt to perform.. read more


Regular roof maintenance

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Despite the inevitable fact that every one of us is aging, we want to avoid it or at least delay the aging process. For this purpose, we take many measures.. read more

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Problems with flat roofs and quick solutions

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Besides working well for many structures, flat roofs come with many problems. Flat roofs may develop leaks and cracks due to flashing problems, seal problems or poor installation. There are.. read more