Installing emergency roofing

Posted on April 29, 2013 · Posted in Blog

A know how of emergency repair is extremely important and beneficial for people living in areas that are regularly threatened by storms or tornados. Apart from these, those living in other parts of the country should also be knowledgeable about the emergency repairs as mishaps can happen any time. It doesn’t take much for a heavy tree limb to snap and take out part of a roof, for instance.

The ingredients are a woven plastic trap held in place with 1*3 wooden strips. All hat you need to do i to roll down one side of the plastic trap at least twice on the 1*3 strip and secure it to the undamaged end of the roof. Make sure that the folded side is facing down so that it does not accumulate any dirt or debris. Take the rest of the trap to the other side several feet ahead of the damaged area and again roll it over 1*3 and secure it in place. Use more strips to secure the rest of the trap’s sides.  A “blue roof “does not look pretty but it will keep the weather out until someone can repair the damage.

Though the job seems to be a D.I.Y type, it is advised to leave it to a professional with all the equipment and skill in order to complete the job safely. Roofs are treacherous, particularly when wet, and tarps are slippery even when dry. You don’t want to be wrestling with one in high winds, either. Better to submit a claim for property insurance than to have your family submit a claim for life insurance.

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