Roof Assesment

Roof condition assessment

Posted on July 7, 2013 · Posted in Blog

In order to take a complex repair or replacement decision regarding your roof, you need to have ample information about the roof’s current state. The decision is also dependant on the future cost of maintaining the roof. A roof condition assessment helps you as well as your roofing contractors make the right choice between repair and replacement.

There are  variety of reasons due to which the degradation process of roof starts such as; normal aging of the material, wind, rain, ice and snow loads, building movement or settling, improper design; and natural disasters, such as tornados and hurricanes. It is always god to get a hold on previous roof inspection records including the backlog of roof repairs, and thermal images and photos of potential problem areas. The assessment should cover the roofing material inspection, the accessories as well as the method of installation.

A thorough assessment comprises of the following important steps:

  1. To begin with, conduct a visual inspection of the roof. See if there are any overhanging tree limbs or loose objects that can penetrate the structure.
  2. Climb up and check for the trash build up around the downspouts and gutters.
  3. Look for visible signs of damage such as separated seams and punctures. You can end up with a huge repair bill because of these problems.

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