Roof maintenance checklist

Posted on May 31, 2013 · Posted in Blog

Maintenance is a very crucial part of making sure that your roof stays in good condition. It adds to the life of your roof and takes the worries off your head. By putting the following important aspects on your repair and maintenance checklist, you can keep your roof in good condition:

  • Check for leaks and signs of moisture and get it repaired immediately as it can cause great damage to your interior and lessen the life of your roof.
  • Ultra violet rays coming from the sun can damage the shingles. Take a note of any discoloration or damage due to sun and pay attention to these signs in order to avoid humungous expenditure in the long run.
  • The part of the roof which needs to be in good condition at all times is the shingles. To ensure the roof protection the asphalt based shingles and the mat should be durable enough. The reinforcing mat should be made of paper mat or fiber glass. One of the best mats is the fiberglass as it does not tear down easily.
  • Look around the chimneys to spot leaks and other signs of damage. Make sure that the lamination that seals these structures to the roof is in good condition.

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